When Ireland banned crime fiction (and still does)


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Detective Tales

You can’t buy this in Ireland…

Last week was Banned Books Week in the USA. You can find out more about it at Bannedbooksweek.org. The American Civil Liberties Union also has a superb infographic about banned and “challenged” novels (i.e. titles challenged by the likes of schools, libraries and other state institutions).

Also check out a recent post – and plenty of comments at the end of it – about banned/challenged crime fiction on Margot Kinberg’s excellent blog Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.

Here in Ireland we don’t have a Banned Books Week. Maybe we should have, as a stark reminder of the State’s atrocious treatment of our writers and artists over the decades.

The week should have a special strand to examine the censorship of crime fiction in particular, which was lumped together with porn and a surprisingly large number of “true crime” magazines. Continue reading