Amanda Coogan: Long Now



Sometimes the world seems to hurtle along with all the subtlety of the trailer for a bombastic Hollywood blockbuster. And cinema trailers, by their nature, don’t have time to muck about. They have to jostle with each other and smash-and-grab your attention, only to rush off again just seconds later.

You know the kind of thing: short info-bursts that cram together the sounds and images and bluster, and pummel your senses in the hope of leaving an imprint on your neurons, but leaving you with no time or space for reflection.

That’s Hollywood for you. But there’s a very different concept of time at the heart of Long Now, Paddy Cahill’s beautiful new documentary about Amanda Coogan’s performance art. The hour-long film had its world premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival this weekend, and it’s superb. Continue reading