Where do you buy a deadly Christmas jumper? At the Deadly Christmas Jumpers shop of course. It’s only deadly, and 100% Irish.

The Deadly Christmas Jumpers shop in South Anne Street

The Deadly Christmas Jumpers shop in South Anne Street two years ago

We first came across the shop in 2011. Is it still there? It was next door to an empty shell of a place that used to be the brilliant Deegan’s tobacconists and newsagents, which is sadly no more.

Both buildings look like they’re in a seriously rundown area, but believe it or not the two premises are near Dublin’s premium shopping area. They’re on  South Anne Street,  and just a shopfront away from St Anne’s Church on Dawson Street.

M Deegan's next door

Deegan’s next door

After we came across the bricks-and-mortar store for jumpers two years, we also stumbled upon the online shop launched by the same Deadly Christmas Jumpers People. Their Interweb page at DeadlyChristmasJumpers.com says:
“When you see people wearing Christmas Jumpers in early November, it’s the first indication that Christmas is coming.”

“Deadly Christmas Jumpers”. Yeah, it almost sounds like a good title for a crime story.