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The next Moss Reid mystery  is taking shape. Set around a fortnight in December on Dublin’s northside, it was originally going to be called The Twelve Days of Cowtown. Now it’s short and sweet: Black Marigolds.  Here’s what’s on the turntable while I’ve been writing it, so some of the music might seep into the text.

OK, not an actual record turntable. Though sometimes it’s easy to get confused when the Argos catalogue is full of all those “retro” digital radios…

A Bush retro digital radio

A retro digital radio

For some strage reason much of the music happens to be quite old  and folky (as opposed to folksy) or traditional; and the following list will probably only make sense once you’ve read the book.

As promised earlier, I’ve sneaked in a mention of The Stoneybatter Band. Other likely tracks include…

1. Morrissey: I have forgiven Jesus – I know, it’s a bit dark. The lighting in the video I mean.

2. Morrissey again (with Ennio Morricone): Dear God please help me. Yep, a lot of Morrissey this time.

3. Ríona Sally Hartman: Frida Kahlo’s Delight – the link is to a live set at Whelans in Dublin.

4. Dott: maybe something from their debut album Swoon. More about this Galway band anon.

5. Amy Winehouse: Love is a losing game – here’s a gorgeous acoustic live version from 2007.

6. The Gloaming: something from their debut album – Song 44 or Samhradh Samhradh…

7. Joni Mitchell: River (here’s a live version though I still prefer the album version on Blue.

8. The Rolling Stones: Winter – here’s a really long version with an extra Mick Taylor solo spliced to the end of it. And why not? It’s Mick Taylor’s song after all.

9. Paul Brady: Arthur McBride – the late Tiernan McBride’s 1977 film of this Christmas morning tale.

10. The Unthanks: The Testimony of Patience Kershaw.

11. Graham Nash: Simple Man from his Songs for Beginners album.

12. John Martyn: Spencer the Rover – this is a very low tuning that makes the guitar howl and growl and wobble…