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Regular readers will know that Mossie Reid is a hungry detective. Food plays a seriously central role in his life (and the books).

Here’s an alphabetical list of the most prominent dishes that crop up in the first two Moss Reid novels. Please note that not every dish has a full explanation within the book’s narrative of how to make it, but I’ll try to make up for this by adding detailed recipes to the blog in coming weeks…

Book #1: Another Case in Cowtown

  1. Antipasto
  2. Bread and butter pudding with saffron
  3. Brown bread ice cream
  4. Calzone
  5. Chicken stock
  6. Chocolate soufflé
  7. Coq au vin
  8. Fish chowder with homemade soda bread
  9. Fried eggs and crinkle-cut chips
  10. “Full Irish” breakfast
  11. Haddock in a crispy beer batter with mushy peas, chips and homemade tartare sauce
  12. Lamb’s liver with mash and a mushroom and onion gravy
  13. Lavender ice cream
  14. Mushroom risotto
  15. Panzanella
  16. Risotto Milanese (with osso buco and saffron)
  17. Scotch pie, mushy peas and gravy
  18. Steamed spring rolls of lamb in rice paper
  19. Vesta Chow Mein

Book #2: Black Marigolds

  1. Angel hair pastry deep-fried prawns
  2. Apple jelly
  3. Batter burgers
  4. Brussels sprouts with crispy lardons and sesame seeds
  5. Deep fried tofu and fried aubergine
  6. Eggs Benedict
  7. Falafels
  8. Fish ball soup
  9. Ham and cheese sandwiches
  10. Irish coffee
  11. Irish hot whiskey
  12. Lavender honey on toast
  13. Marmalade devils on horseback
  14. No-fat Christmas pudding
  15. Sherry trifle
  16. Sizzling beef with coriander and chilli
  17. Smoked mackerel pate on sourdough toast
  18. Spiced beef
  19. Steamed pork dumplings
  20. Truffle infused poached eggs with gruyère cheese on sourdough toast