Paperback copies from the Moss Reid collection

Update, 1 June 2014: This competition is over. The winner is Cormac Byrne.

Here’s an exclusive competition for this blog’s readers. The prize is the complete collection of my ‘Moss Reid’ mysteries so far.

Hold on a minute: astute readers will have noted that there have only been TWO books so far – despite any misleading impression given in the above photo. How mean can the author get?

So I’ll try to make up for this: the winner will receive a copy of Another Case in Cowtown and the original proof copy of my latest book, Black Marigolds, both signed by yours truly.

There is one difficult question at the start of the entry form below (hint – either use your powers of detection on this blog, or skip to the answer which is referred to near the top of this page).

Get your entries in before the end of May 2014…

Privacy: your email address and any personal details you give will only be used in relation to this competition, and will only be retained for four weeks after the competition’s closing date.

The competition rules

  1. This is a worldwide competition
  2. Strictly one entry per person (no cheating, right?)
  3. Closing time/date for entries is midnight (GMT) on 31 May 2014
  4. The winner will be the first correct entry drawn at random
  5. The prize is one (1) signed copy of Another Case in Cowtown and the signed proof copy of Black Marigolds
  6. The winner will be asked by email to provide a postal address to which the prize will be sent by surface mail
  7. The winner will have four (4) weeks to provide this address, at which time any unclaimed prizes will be redistributed at random to other entrants
  8. By taking part in this competition, you agree that your name and (if you provide it) your website address can be used by this site when informing readers about the results of this competition