Here are some of the search terms used by people to arrive my blog during July. I suppose it gives an insight into their mentalities at the time (and mine). A large number of them seem to have murder in mind…

  1. Where do you buy small jars of tartare sauce for single people?
  2. Why is the first pancake always rubbish?
  3. too many amaretti biscuits toxic
  4. Why do dvds mention that it cant be played in oil rigs
  5. do they have crime in ireland?
  6. another case on cowtown
  7. mel healy porn star
  8. history of tully’s tiles smithfield dublin
  9. how many oz of rhubarb leaf become lethal
  10. Why did mina mazzini retier so early from poblic*
  11. crime fiction set in uk and ireland
  12. death by rhubarb recipes

I must start making better use of this data. This is what I write, and this is what my audience is looking for, we just need to put the two together and refine it a bit, to make tighter connections between me and my readership. Perhaps use the data for inspiration – for possible book titles!

For example, Tartare Sauce for Single People. That one sounds promising – it has to be a series of capers set in Mayo.

(* i.e. why did the Italian pop singer Mina retire so early from the public eye?)