Congratulations to the 15 winners of last month’s competition. Emails should be arriving to you in the next 24 hours to the following, asking for a postal address to send their paperback prizes. The winners are…

Ghost Flight (1 copy each):

  • Sal O’Neill
  • Angela (no surname given)
  • Clare Scott
  • Joanna Keating

Black Marigolds (1 copy each):

  • Roddy Leahy
  • Nuala Carney
  • Tessa Walshe

Another Case in Cowtown (1 copy each):

  • S.P. Ward
  • Rita Finlay
  • Eamonn Jones
  • Finn Dalton
  • T. Rabbitte
  • Celeste Mc Creesh
  • Louise O’Connell
  • Billy Nixon

The full competition rules are here. Bear in mind that entrants will need to supply a postal address in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland for us to send their prizes before the end of this month.

I know, I know: this was an Ireland-only contest. It’s only fair that the next big competition in a few months’ time will be exclusively for people outside the island of Ireland. Will keep you posted…