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Today is launch day of the Kindle edition of Ghost Flight, and – don’t panic – this is my final plug in a while about it.

A promo image for Ghost Flight and Way To Go

The eBook version has several bonus features (compared with the paperback edition), including an essay called Spoilers and Secrets that goes behind some of the main locations in the novel.

It also looks at some of the book’s themes, such as the rise of drone warfare, and the terrible deaths of thousands of boat people in the Mediterranean, in the 21st-century equivalent of slave ships. The piece was written before the shocking disaster last Sunday.

On a much brighter note, the eBook also includes a new Moss Reid novelette called Way To Go.

As Moss Reid cases go, this one is short and sweet and shifts between Golders Green in London, Stoneybatter in Dublin, and Galway Bay.

Gina Cusack was only wife number two. Most of the late Joe Cusack’s fortune and his engineering business in England will go to wife number three.

“But Gina will still get a tidy sum in the will – once she scatters his ashes on Galway Bay. When she hires Moss Reid to take her there, what could possibly go wrong?

Ghost Flight (including Way To Go and Spoilers and Secrets) is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.