The 2011 Irish film “Parked” is beautifully shot and edited, with memorable performances by Colm Meaney as Fred, a homeless man back from England and living in a car on the seafront, and Colin Morgan as his young junkie neighbour Cathal in another car in the same carpark.

It’s mostly gentle and low-key, but a couple of moments aren’t quite so nice.

In one violent scene Cathal is beaten up by his drug dealer, to the sounds of Pugwash’s jolly old 2005 single “It’s Nice to Be Nice”. That combination of nice sounds and not-so-nice visuals is perversely delicious.

It gains extra power because it’s not simply a “smart” soundtrack stuck onto the film in the editing suite afterwards by the film-makers: the music seems to come from within the very universe of the film itself.

It is – fancy word alert – a good example of a diagetic sound. As the music blasts away on Cathal’s car stereo, the drugs boss (Michael McElhatton) tells a henchman to “Turn the music up” as the beating continues. Diagetic music is the kind of music that can be heard by the characters themselves.

Oh go on. Let’s hear the full version of the single (and god only knows what its main influences were)…