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Ah yes, the bit where you’re supposed to go all “third persony” to sound serious and impersonal, with something along the lines of…
Mel Healy books

Irish writer Mel Healy was born at a young age and lives and works on Dublin’s northside where he…

I’m mostly known for my Moss Reid series, which is mainly set in and around Stoneybatter and Smithfield in Dublin.

Each novel revolves around Moss Reid, a private investigator with the right priorities in life: to ‘eat, drink and investigate – in that order’. The first three titles in the series are ‘Another Case in Cowtown’, ‘Black Marigolds’ and ‘Ghost Flight’.

I’m a member of CrimeSpace, the International Flann O’Brien Society and the Crime Readers’ Association. My work has also appeared in numerous nice places online including Literary Orphans and Booktrack. But before you ask, I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, I don’t do free guest appearances, and please don’t go looking for interviews or free content from me if your title hasn’t even bothered to review any of my work. Life’s too short.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons and other devices

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