‘Ghost Flight’

Ghost Flight (book #3 in the series)

The front cover of Mel Healy's crime thriller 'Ghost Flight'2008: The Irish economy is about to go belly up, and three Irish businessmen disappear in a light aircraft off the west coast of Ireland. There is no mayday message. No wreckage, no bodies, nothing.

Six years later, Niamh McElhinney bumps into one of the missing men in the south of France. Then she, too, goes missing. Time to call Wilde & Reid Investigations…

Stoneybatter private eye Moss Reid is back, in his most complicated case to date, as a slow journey down the Canal du Midi turns into a nightmare race to find a faceless killer.

Ghost Flight is the third in Irish writer Mel Healy’s series involving Moss Reid, the Dublin PI whose priorities in life are to “eat, drink and investigate – in that order”.

  • Read the opening three chapters from Ghost Flight (PDF, 26 pages, 264 KB)

Ghost Flight (2014) by Mel Healy
ISBN-13: 978-1505421828
ISBN-10: 1505421829
Paperback: 5.0″ x 8.0″ (12.70 x 20.32 cm), 285 pages


  • Paperback: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Createspace.com and other leading online sellers, available from 19 December 2014
  • eBook  Kindle version:  available from 24 April 2015 on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – includes the bonus short story “Way To Go” (6,700 words) plus the author’s essay “Ghost Flight: Spoilers and Secrets”

Promo saying Ghost Flight is 'Stoneybatter private eye Moss Reid's toughest case yet'

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